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Because you cannot force people to change, your primary goal is to influence them to change….the more effective your relationship is the more likely you are to have influence. Effective relationships are partnerships that encourage the active involvement of the participant in decision making, planning, and problem solving. Your task is to establish the relationship as one between two equal human beings who bring differing strengths, skills and resources to the partnership” … Beverly O. Ford, PhD

The ACCC model is a client-centred approach to employment counseling.



Based on the ACEC model used in the past by the Federal Government and based on the work of Dr. Philip Patsula, ACCC ensures that clients will get exactly what they need at any given point in time. Clients walk away with an action plan that they have personally bought into because they created it with the guidance of their counsellor.  Counsellors work with each client in a non-judgmental, consistent manner thereby increasing and enhancing the level of customer service.