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Personality Dimensions® is a human relations tool based on leading-edge research in human motivation and behaviour.  It helps to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments.

This dynamic tool is the culmination of the research and validation work that was done in Canada for over a decade, to support temperament theory, and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem, and effective communication strategies. The primary author, Lynda McKim builds on the foundations established by the work of David Keirsey, Linda Berens, et al, and a history of temperament theories that spans 25 centuries.

The Personality Dimensions® questionnaire will reveal your temperament preference and help you to:

  • Foster and deepen your understanding of self and others
  • Develop your ability to communicate with and understand individuals of all temperaments
  • Improve your relationships with family and friends
  • Establish strong interpersonal relations in your workplace